Self Employed Mortgages

Self employed uk mortgages
Getting a mortgage when you are self employed used to be a problem, but now we have access to many lenders who see the self employed mortgage market as an area they wish to specialise in. Typically you have a number of options.

Full earnings disclosure. 3years accounts made up would qualify you for the most competitive choice of rates and plans.

Accountants Confirmation
Many lenders are happy to accept an accountants letter confirming your income as acceptable

Self certification
Some lenders will accept your certifying your income yourself, you will be asked to confirm in writing what your income is.

Non status
True non status is where you simply sign a form to confirm that you can afford the repayments on your mortgage, no income details are requested, nor are references taken up.

The amount you borrow can be up to 95%, but will vary depending on how long you have been in self employment, typically you will be offered an 85% mortgage, but the minimum would be 75%.

If you have been self employed for only a matter of days, we could arrange a mortgage for you, it would of course depend on the normal things such as property value, deposit, etc. But income and employment status would not be a problem for us.

For more information either complete our online enquiry, or telephone us on the telephone numbers below.

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