Low Cost Life Cover

Low cost life cover
So you have plenty of life cover right?

We agree, you may not need or be able to afford any more, so why are you reading this?. We assume its because you want to pay less for the very same cover you have currently got in place. Over the last few years due to the competition in the marketplace life cover rates have fallen through the floor.

Cover that just a few years ago would have cost you £50 a month is now available at £20-30, that is a huge saving of any ones money, but we are not talking about ANY ONES money are , we are talking about YOUR money, and about YOU paying more than you have to for an identical or even in some cases lesser product.

Many of the current new generation of policies combine critical illness, and life cover making them even more affordable, saving you even more money.

We can find out for you what you could be paying compared to what you currently are paying, and again this is a no fee service, so you can only win.

As independents we can search the marketplace and secure some really cheap life cover quotes, and not just the policies of one or two companies, we can then provide you with a complete quote either by post or my email (or both) for you to browse and act upon as you see fit.

For more information either complete our online enquiry, or telephone us on the telephone numbers below.

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