Health Insurance

Can we rely on the NHS to take care of us in an emergency? The answer to this is a loud resounding YES without doubt we can, we still have believe it or not the best free health care in the world.
All well and good in an emergency, but most of our visits to hospital are not emergencies are they. Most visits to a hospital are the result of being referred to a specialist for further investigation into a complaint we initially consulted our GP about.

Private health insurance covers this very thing, as soon as you have seen your GP, and they decide you need to be referred to a specialist, you will not go onto a waiting list, but instead the health insurance policy will kick in, and you will receive treatment without delay.

You will see your consultant within days rather than weeks, months, or sometimes even years as with the NHS. When you see your consultant, there will be no hours of waiting in a musty old out patients department, you will have as et appointment at a set time, and that is when you will be seen.

Any further treatment needed will be arranged, again without delay, operations etc will all be arranged with minimum delay, and minimum fuss. All the associated costs will be covered by your health policy, and this need not stop at just you.

Your health insurance policy can be extended to cover your entire family, so you can be safe in the knowledge that should any of your loved ones become ill, or need exploritory tests then there will be no delay.

Private health patients are not treated like they would be on the NHS, often private hospitals are used, or sometimes an NHS hospital but with private patient facilities. When an operation is arranged through a private health care policy, there is never a case of a bed not being available. Your bed has been booked, your theatre time has been booked, your consultants and his assistants have all been booked, and all paid for by your private health policy.

For more information either complete our online enquiry, or telephone us on the telephone numbers below.

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