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Welcome to UK Credit Help, a collection of pages set up to help you with your credit problems, to get you guaranteed loans, guaranteed bank accounts, and all the other help you need when you have impaired credit, ccj’s, county court judgements etc. We have tried to split the site into as many on topic … Continue reading

Adverse mortgage explanation

Problem mortgages When you hear the phrase problem mortgage, it creates a negative thought pattern in our minds, why am i being treated as problem you may think. Put simply a problem mortgage is a mortgage application that has been refused by the well known high street lenders. Reasons for refusal of a loan or … Continue reading

Self Employed Mortgages

Self employed uk mortgages Getting a mortgage when you are self employed used to be a problem, but now we have access to many lenders who see the self employed mortgage market as an area they wish to specialise in. Typically you have a number of options. Full earnings disclosure. 3years accounts made up would … Continue reading


Re-mortgages Property values in the UK have risen dramatically over recent years, and this has resulted in many people having large positive equity in their properties. There are many reasons for re-mortgaging, here are a few:- Equity release Mortgages Many people would rather use some of the value of their property. In the past the … Continue reading

Turning your debts into one manageable payment

Debt Consolidation. Often we make borrowing decisions that we live to regret, thinking only of our ability to repay a set amount at a set time. So many times, circumstances beyond our control make a just manageable debt repayment schedule into a totally unmanageable on. This often results in applications for further high interest borrowing … Continue reading

Non Standard Property Mortgages

Non standard property mortgages Sometimes your credit may be fine, but unfortunately it is the property type that is giving you problems getting an offer of funding. Typical problem properties are high rise flats, non traditional build properties, substandard condition properties, properties for refurbishment, or maybe just a building on a piece of land. We … Continue reading

Secured Loans

Secured Loans Secured borrowing is MUCH cheaper than almost any other form of borrowing, it is fast and efficient and fairly flexible. Secured finance is available to almost anyone with a home that has some equity in it, (although not all). Secured lending can often go up to 125% of the value of your property. … Continue reading

Mortgage after bankruptcy

Mortgage after bankruptcy DO NOT listen to people who tell you your life ends with bankruptcy, as they are wrong with a capital W. Bankruptcy is meant to be a new beginning, and there are people out there who will treat it as such, after all, who is more likely to be bitten by a … Continue reading

Business people mortgages

Why pay sky high overdraft rates? Most banks are more than happy to give you lending for your business, and why shouldn’t they, it makes them mountains of interest and charges. They also get to have title to your property, so they are in effect offering secured lending, at unsecured rates. Many lenders now offer … Continue reading

Commercial & Semi Commercial Mortgages

Commercial and semi commercial mortgages The world of commercial lending has altered beyond all recognition in the last 10 years, it now accounts for far more of the lending market than it used to. A side effect of this is that lenders have become more flexible in their approach, and rates. If you are looking … Continue reading